Are you CFPB Compliant?

(The Consumer Compliance Management System
is your one-stop-shop for compliance software)

Addressing consumer issues and compliance is a must for any organization. This innovative software enables you to organize, audit, store and keep track of your compliance materials, creating an efficient solution to managing your compliance needs. Bottom line, this software really is as easy as 1,2,3…Comply!

~ Dr. Phillip Spears

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4 Key Consumer Compliance Management System (CCMS) Features

  1. Log and track complaints from acceptance to resolution. You have the ability to log every aspect of the complaint and assign it to individuals to resolve. You can attach any standard document pertaining to an individual complaint.
  2. Having trouble locating documents and policies? CCMS is a complete document management system. All company documents (polices, procedures, etc.) can be organized in the system to expedite your compliance and audit processes.
  3. CCMS is the only Consumer Financial Protection Bureau compliance software to offer a complete and comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan. Store all your information and plans for easy access in a secure cloud in case of a business emergency.
  4. Audit, Complaint & Compliment Trend Reports including User Customizable Report Charts.*

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